The Gardhouse name – a history of service

When people hear the name Gardhouse, they often think they’re hearing “Guardhouse”, and they’re not far off. Gardhouse family records, which date back to the late 1500s, suggest that the surname Gardhouse derived from the word “guard-house”, which in turn came from the Old English “weard”: “watching” or “guarding”. It seems that the original bearer of the Gardhouse name acted as a sentry in a guardhouse.

Genealogical research reveals that many Gardhouse forefathers were self-employed, known for their reliability and pride in doing their best at whatever career they worked at.

Beginning in 1983, Larry Gardhouse continued this 400 year-old family tradition by establishing the Gardhouse financial services businesses – and doing his utmost to guard your financial assets and help you to attain your life goals.

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