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Penny Gollen| Tax Professional

Penny loves tax reporting; whether it’s simple, complex, or requires research, she enjoys the growth and creativity the field offers.

Back in the early 1980s when she moved from Stratford, Ontario to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Penny decided to take courses to do her own tax return. She signed up for classes with U&R Tax Schools and began her studies in Basic & Advanced Income Tax and Small Business Bookkeeping. After completing the courses with honours, Penny was encouraged by her success to seek a career in the field – she was hooked and could not get enough!

As luck would have it, she was hired, trained and mentored by Canadian author, specialist, and income tax educator Evelyn Jacks (currently of The Knowledge Bureau, previously of U&R Tax Services). Penny was fortunate to be involved in many industry-leading projects as part of Evelyn’s team, including the EFILE pilot project in the early 1990s. She went on to work and teach for Corporate U&R and also owned her own franchise offices.

Five years ago, Penny moved back to Ontario to be closer to her family, which includes three wonderful kids, three fabulous grandkids, and her partner Lawrence. After some time off, she felt the tax-reporting urge and was welcomed at Gardhouse Financial Counsel in February 2015. “Working in the tax field for 38 years has been very rewarding, and the opportunity to grow and learn never ends,” Penny says. “From pencils and erasers to high-end software and hardware, I find the income tax industry challenging and am looking forward to all that comes next!” Penny also loves dancing, and she taught ballroom, latin, and country dance for 15 years.

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