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Jasmine Taylor| Honours Bachelor's Degree of Commerce| Project Specialist

Jasmine was born in Preston, England and moved to Canada in 2005 with her family. She grew up in Port Dover, Ontario, “Home of Friday the 13th”. In early 2020, Jasmine relocated to Meaford and just recently joined the Gardhouse Financial team. In 2020, she graduated from McMaster University with an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, specializing in Finance. Outside of her field, Jasmine creates websites, marketing strategies, and animations. Jasmine has completed the Canadian Investment Funds Course – IFIC and is working towards becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Since starting with us, Jasmine has created Finn Financial, which is the animated character who delivers “Fun Fact Friday”. The goal with Finn is to teach all ages complex financial topics in an engaging and understandable way.

Once in a while, when talking to her you could find yourself trying to decipher her accidental word mishaps. Which she tends to blame on being British. For example, she has been quoted on saying, “I’m not the sharpest fish in the coop” or “I locked my car in the keys”.

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