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Boni Dube-Boonstra| Account Manager

Boni came to us at Gardhouse Financial after a 33-year career with Scotiabank. She was born in Midland, Ontario, and her family relocated to the beautiful town of Meaford when she was a toddler. She is now residing in the same house she grew up in! There really is no place like home. “I love the people in a small town, the connection between all of us, the community involvement and pride,” Boni says. “Meaford is just simply a great town.”

Boni has two sons. They, however, prefer the city life and both reside in Guelph, Ontario. She comes from a large family of 10 children which gives her a deep understanding of just how necessary organization, planning, and taking responsibility for one’s own well-being really is. One of her favourite quotes is, “If you are on the right path and you keep walking, you will make progress.”

Boni loves to try new things, visit new places and meet new people. “Everyone has a story: a beginning, a past, a present, and a future they are working toward,” Boni says. “If I can make a difference in that story, however small, then I have not wasted a day. I just hope I can create a good story for me and be a good part of the story for you.”

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