COVID-19: Important tax season practices and policies

The continued spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Canada and around the world has understandably raised concerns for you and your family. At GARDHOUSE Financial Counsel, the well-being of our valued customers and employees is of the deepest concern to us. We want you to know that your safety will remain our top priority as this situation continues to evolve.

Complete your taxes remotely

Please scan and email us your tax slips and send as a .pdf or .jpeg to You can also use your favourite cloud storage platform such as Google Drive or Dropbox and share with us. We will then prepare your tax return and email you a copy once completed including a signature page. Once we receive the signature page and receive payment via e-transfer to or by credit card your return will be submitted to Canada Revenue Agency all from the safety of your home.

Change to physical tax document drop offs

We have closed our office to outside visitors for the safety of our customers and staff. However, we have set up a drop box in our front foyer to deposit your tax documents. Our location is 256 Sykes St. N, Meaford ON. Please place your slips in your blue tax folder or a sealed envelope.

What if I have questions?

We are more than happy to answer any tax related questions you have by telephone at (519) 538-5541 or email us at


Sean Gardhouse, BBA, DFA

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