14 questions small business owners should ask

We’d love to provide quick, concise answers to each of these very important questions, but every small business is different. In order to provide the answer that’s right for your small business, we can sit down to learn more about you, your business, your business goals and more.

But to get you started thinking, have a look at these 14 questions we’ve helped answer for our small business clients.

1. Why do I need a bookkeeper or accountant?

2. Will my accountant help me start a new business and monitor my progress?

3. Should I register and start up a new business or seek employment?

4. Should my business be a proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited partnership?

5. Where do I get start-up capital?

6. Will my accountant guide me in decisions to expand my business?

7. Should I buy or lease a new office?

8. Should I buy or lease equipment and company vehicles?

9. How many employees can I afford?

10. Should I register for HST/GST?

11. What insurance is really necessary?

12. How do I transfer money tax efficiently from the business to my personal account?

13. Do I have the time and expertise to organize my paperwork for government or banking inspection?

14. Have I been paying for accounting that caters to much larger businesses than my own?

If you’d like to learn the answers to any of these questions, please contact us today.

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